Day 245—Bobo . . . In The Viewfinder

It’s actually been a while (at least I think it has) since I’ve featured Bobo on this blog. Sadly, Bobo’s Blog has languished from inattention. Since Bobo was acting incredibly cute this morning, running across the newspaper and attacking the edges, I decided to take some shots but when I picked up the camera, she climbed back to her cage top. Undeterred, I followed her, sat on the window seat and took several shots. My 24-70mm lens was already on the camera, set to 2.8 so despite the low light levels, I got some decently exposed shots. Since I’m no longer completely intimidated by Lightroom, and, since I’m exercising my new-found freedom to process my photos to improve them, I changed contrast, whites, blacks, and added a vignette to the second shot.

In the first shot, Bobo is hamming for the camera, something she often does when I focus on her; in the second, she espied something scary in the sky and is warily keeping an eye on it.