Day 267—Part 2—Just Because I Can’t Resist a Moon Shot

It’s not a full moon but the half moon was so crisp and bright and clear this evening that I had to shoot it. My shot isn’t as crisp and clear as I would like but a few Lightroom tweaks made it better. I still haven’t figured out how to keep the camera completely still when it’s on the tripod wtih the long lens. It still jiggles a bit, even using timed release. Another problem to figure out.

Day 267—Spider

One of my favorite kitchen tools is my spider. I use it for straining pasta, skimming broth, or retrieving hammocks (ed. note: only when I’m cooking outside ;-)! yikes, that auto speller sure has a mind of its own! I typed ham hocks) and veggies when I make soup. I love soup. I haven’t been doing any cooking lately. I was away for ten days and since my return, I have spent most of my time worrying about Famous Mo’s, not cooking. But yesterday was the autumnal equinox and fall means soup! So, I plan to start cooking steaming pots of soup and then my spider will get a workout. Today’s challenge theme is “in the kitchen” and I think the shape of the spider makes an interesting subject. And, using a large aperture, I got lots of bokeh.