Day 270—Climb Safely

Late this afternoon, as the workday at Famous Mo’s was winding down, I volunteered to help identify an electrical circuit so long as it didn’t require brute force or climbing. Well, it involved climbing so I was quickly dismissed as a potential candidate for this job and Tim took over. I laughed as I realized his tee shirt contained the phrase “Climb Safely” as he was perched atop a 14 foot ladder. I took a few shots doing something potentially as dangerous for me, laying on the ground, pointing the camera up. I’m lucky I managed to get back onto my feet without incident. And I’m happy to report there were no mishaps resulting from the ladder climb, either.

One thought on “Day 270—Climb Safely

  1. Looks a little risky- glad it wasn’t you up there! The irony of the T-shirt message along with his pose creates an intriguing image!

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