Day 258—Thelma And Louise 2012: Day 10- End Of The Road

The adventures of Thelma and Louise 2012 have come to an end. We left Treebones this morning and drove for about 5 hours up Highway 1 to San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and on to Santa Rosa. I dropped Honora off and left for home about 3:30, expecting to arrive about 5:30. I don’t know what I was thinking. Friday afternoon traffic plus a number of accidents on I-80 kept me on the road another three and a half hours. I pulled into my driveway at 7PM. We had a memorable trip down and then back up Coast Highway 1. Every day was an adventure and there was never a dull moment. We reconnected with old teachers and friends, made some new friends, explored places we’d never been, experienced things we’d never done, were surrounded by glorious scenery, enjoyed indescribably delicious food, and had a wonderful time. We talked and laughed and drove and had the kind of journey we hoped we have. But on day 10, we were ready to go home. It was Honora’s turn to drive; I took only a few shots today, and I took most of them through dirty car windows. As we left Treebones about 9 this morning, the fog was thick. It hugged the highway much of the way through Big Sur. There were brief moments when the fog lifted but only briefly. But, by the time we reached San Francisco, the sun was out.

These are my favorite shots from today. I straightened a couple of the shots slightly but made no other adjustments. I just didn’t have it in me to fiddle with the photos. I took the first shot while we were stopped near Limekiln waiting for the pilot car to lead us through the bridge construction site where they are straightening a kink in the road by building a bridge. We surmised it was partly to eliminate the zig in the road but also to avoid one of the rock slide areas. I wonder how they attach the wire mesh used to retain the rocks and prevent them from landing on the roadway? The second and third shots show a bit of the fog that hugged the ground and lifted slightly. The last is the Golden Gate Bridge in the side mirror of the car. It symbolizes that our wonderful 2012 road trip is behind us.

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