Day 250—Thelma and Louise 2012: Day 2—Sharks, Jellies, and Monkfish

We slept in this morning and took it easy, lazing in our room at the Wayside Inn waiting for the clouds to burn off.

We arrived at the Montery Bay Aquarium about 11. I loved the Aquarium. It is beautifully designed and a fascinating journey to a world that is exotic and one we would never be able to visit were it not for this wonderful place. I was fascinated by the schools of sardines and anchovies, taking endless photos trying to capture their silvery magic. None of the photos turned out to my satisfaction. But when we entered the “Open Ocean” exhibit, I couldn’t pry myself away. It was like watching an aquarium video. I was mesmerized by the schools of schools of fish circling behind the 14 inch plexiglass, which plexiglass made it impossible to achieve crisp focus, even with my 24-70mm lens. The hammerhead shark was elusive but I managed to capture one acceptable shot. Then we entered the jellies exhibit. I was blown away.

On the way home from the Aquarium, we took the 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach.

For dinner, we returned to André’s Bouchée and sat at the Chef’s Table for another delightful evening with Chef Jacques. Honora had short ribs and I had a curried monkfish. It was almost as if we were back at the Aquarium, with Chef Jacques demonstrating the swimming capabilities of a recently departed Dover Sole. The entrée was preceded by an incredibly sexy mushroom soup; deceptively simple with the complex flavors of chanterelles and porcini and I don’t know what other mushrooms. It was the kind of flavor that almost triggered me into an imitation of Meg Ryan’s performance in “When Harry Met Sally” but having done that just the previous Saturday at Lucca in Saramento over the indescribably delicious chocolate dessert and which prompted a person at the next table to mimic the line from that movie, “I’ll have what she’s having,” I decided it was probably too soon for a repeat performance. And for dessert, yet another chocolate delight made with a French caramel candy combined with the molten chocolate. Oh, my.

I had switched to my 50mm lens and with it wide open of course the depth of field was incredibly shallow. That, coupled with having already consumed the complimentary glass of bubbly and more than my share of a bottle of Pinot Noir, my food shots, and those of Jacques, are not focused properly, but you get the idea.

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