Day 247—Coming Soon

I have been busy. And not only with photography and hawks. I have become business partners with my friend Jesse and we will be opening a coffee house and theater in Rocklin within a couple of months. It’s been in the talking stages for a couple of years but suddenly became a reality when the right building presented itself and we negotiated a lease about a month ago. Since then, we’ve been immersed in paperwork. Ah, paperwork. Since I once worked as a low level government functionary, I am intimately familiar with the types and scope of seemingly endless and sometimes meaningless paperwork required by government entities, whether they be city, county, state, or federal. Most of the paperwork is behind us finally and we’re now into the “tenant improvement” part of the project with construction dust everywhere. Soon we’ll be planning menus and developing recipes. We’re excited to be featuring local foods to the extent possible. Our coffee is Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffees, based in Rocklin where we are opening. I featured Vaneli’s in my blog when we first toured there almost a month ago and we are excited that they will be our signature coffee. We’ll be serving soups, sandwiches, and salads during the day and in the evening, we will feature appetizers and small plates. Our evening entertainment, by ticket or invitation only, will feature live blues and jazz, including nationally known musical acts, as well as comedy, mystery theater, and regional plays. We will also be serving beer and wine, so some of the paperwork, well, I have to admit, most of the paperwork, we’ve been dealing with is that from the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. One of the myriad requirements is that we post a sign telling the world that we are planning to sell , *gasp* , alcoholic beverages on our premises.

I photographed the required ABC sign for today’s blog and I decided to introduce the logo for our venue, Famous Mo’s. As we progress, I’ll be posting more details. In the meantime, tomorrow, I am embarking on a respite from Famous Mo’s with my old friend, Honora, and we will be driving Highway 1 down the California coast in a sort of 2012 version of Thelma and Louise, without any cliff drama. I’m thinking I should subtitle it, “In search of the new Brad Pitt.” When I return, Famous Mo’s construction should be well underway.

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