Day 225—Lace

My grandmother crocheted and memories of her crocheting delicate lace are among my fondest. When I was very young, she began to crochet a lace tablecloth for my wedding present as she did for each of her three granddaughters. When I finally married, a couple of decades after my two older cousins, Gram was 95 and although she had completed most of the tablecloth by then, her eyesight prevented her from finishing it. After she passed away the year after my wedding, I was amazed that my mother, Gram’s daughter-in-law, arranged to have the almost completed tablecloth finished by a friend and Mom proudly presented it to me. For most of my life, Gram and my mother were estranged but they reconciled a year or so before Gram passed away and because of that reconciliation, I now have my lace tablecloth. Today’s challenge theme is delicate like my precious tablecloth.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200
Auto WB

One thought on “Day 225—Lace

  1. Wonderful story with a happy ending! The focus here is fabulous- I can see every stitch- triple crochet, triple crochet, chain 5 or something like that. 🙂 Beautiful!

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