Day 220—Multiple Choice

Yesterday’s daily challenge theme was multiple choice. As I pondered that theme, I stared at a 3-lobed red onion I bought a couple of days ago at Granny May’s Strawberry Patch. I think that this onion could fit that theme. One can choose which of the triplet lobes to slice. After I took a few shots, I realized that my ISO was set to 1600, a setting left over from the photographs I took inside the roasting room at Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffee yesterday. So, it occurred to me that I should compare shots using the ISO 100 that I prefer with the 1600 that I already shot to see the difference in the noise. Since I used a tripod to capture the shot, that was an easy adjustment to make. So, here is a second choice to make: which shot is clearer with less noise? I took both shots using timed release, a focal length of 300mm and f/5.6; the shutter speed varied with the ISO, faster for the higher ISO. If you click on the photograph, then click again to enlarge, you can see more detail. I think the second shot is clearer when enlarged but at the same size, there appears to be no difference. What do you think?

ISO 1600:

ISO 100: