Day 235—Great Scott!!

My friend and fellow photographer and photo blogger Melinda and I spent all day today at the Sacramento Convention Center participating in a Photoshop for Photographers workshop given by Photoshop guru and photographer extraordinaire Scott Kelby. We’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. We first tried to see Scott in mid July only to discover that Melinda and I were the only two pre-paid participants not notified of his schedule change. Kelby Training, however, instantly refunded our money and comped our tickets for today’s event. It was well worth the wait and well worth the money, except that we didn’t have to pay any money for it!

Despite my obsession with posting SOOC (straight out of camera) shots, Scott made me realize that post processing is a natural progression of the photographic process. I learned so much today. He has a great stage persona and he really knows his stuff. Plus, he cuts to the chase and makes the complexities of Photoshop disappear…at least some of its complexities. The workshop lasted from 10 AM until past 5PM and we were not bored for a moment, nor were the more than 400 other people who attended. Our front row seats also made the workshop very pleasant as did our rather nerdy seat mates. We sat directly in front of Scott so we did have to turn a bit to see the giant screens on which he demonstrated his Photoshop techniques but it was nice not to have to lean one way or the other to see him. I really do plan to start processing my shots. Especially since I shoot raw and raw files really do require processing.

I used my 50mm lens and I processed each of the shots I took today using some aspects of Scott’s 7-point system for Camera Raw that we learned today. I didn’t do all 7 steps for the photos but at least I’m learning to process a bit. I had to use really high ISO which continues to bother me but I am going to work on reducing noise in Photoshop, only not tonight. I’m too tired after today’s session to attempt anything beyond simple things I already know how to do.

Here is Melinda, photographing me before the workshop. I didn’t get the colors or the white balance quite right but at least I’m trying now.

Scott is very accessible to his legions of fans. I took these shots of him interacting with the hordes of people surrounding him during breaks, but I cropped them out in camera.

Scott, Melinda, and me after the workshop, photo taken by one of our front row seat mates. He took three shots, the first two were unusable due to various anomalies but when I got home, I discovered a third that was really quite nice. I made some exposure adjustments but I think it still a bit underexposed.

Afterward, the Andersons treated me to a fabulous dinner at Lucca in downtown Sacramento and of course Melinda and I entertained the waiter with our photographic shenanigans. Since I love the blue water glasses at Lucca I had to photograph one.

Here, the waiter offers my Malbec.

One of our workshop companions recommended the zucchini chips at Lucca so we had to try them and they were wonderful.

Finally, Lonnie and Melinda toasting a successful and fun day.