Day 234—Red Reflections In A Harley

My gym and its parking lot seem to offer an endless stream of photo opportunities for me. This morning as I left the gym, I noticed a beautiful dark red crape myrtle and took a few shots as a biker guy on a “dude” Harley roared in and parked next to my car. It didn’t look like a Harley to me so I asked him what it was and he assured me it WAS indeed a Harley. He is a member of the OG Riderz M.C. and I don’t know if this club is as bad-ass as some of the more notorious biker clubs but some of the x-rated stickers on his helmet indicated that he was not a Boomer turned biker wannabe. But he was nice enough and seemed genuinely pleased when I told him I loved the mirrors on the bike and that I wanted to take some photographs. The red crape myrtle is reflected in the mirror both in focus and out of focus and I am reflected in the rear lights. Today’s challenge theme is “starts with ‘R'” so both ‘red’ and ‘reflection’ would meet the challenge.