Day 219—Green Beans

Today I got to tour the roasting room at Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffee in Rocklin. Nick, the roaster, showed me some Colombian and some Sumatra beans, still in their unroasted, green state but the incredible aroma of the already roasted beans in the facility’s huge roaster was a smell I won’t soon forget. And, as Nick opened tub after tub of French Roast, Vienna, and Italian blends, roasted earlier in the day, the heady fragrance of these just-roasted beans almost made me swoon. I was lucky to go home with packages of four different coffee blends. How wonderful it is to know that these artisan coffees exist practically in my backyard.

The challenge for me today was the lighting. The light fixture in the roasting room cast an orangy-yellow glow and the photographs I took accurately reflected those colors. But I wanted the photos to look as if they were taken in ordinary light so I adjusted the white balance to about 2000K in post processing and also changed the tint and saturation before the photographs were acceptable. All shots were taken at ISO 1600, either f/5.3 or f/5.6, and a shutter speed of 1/60.

Unroasted Columbian beans:

Unroasted Sumatra beans:

More unroasted beans:

3 thoughts on “Day 219—Green Beans

  1. Mmmmm- I can smell them now!!!! Nice shots- and a great demonstration of photo-journalism style photography!

  2. Thanks so much for coming in to see what we do, it is a pleasure to share our craft with those who are so engaged. Please stop in anytime.


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