Day 218—Somebody Get Your Goat?

The City of Roseville has hired a goatherd and his flock of goats to eat the weeds (actually only the goats will eat the weeds) that are becoming a fire threat in the fields around Mahaney Park. I noticed the flock this morning as I left the gym so I returned midday to photograph them. Of course that’s the worst time of day to photograph something outdoors so my group goat shots are pretty “contrasty.” The closeups show a few of the curious goats who approached the temporary fence erected around them as I shot and a couple of them put on a little display of territorial bravado for me.

One thought on “Day 218—Somebody Get Your Goat?

  1. OMG those are great shots! It’s hard to pick a favorite! I love the goats butting heads/horns- but also the cute ones where they are looking at the camera. The sweet brown and white one- and the one with the silly expression (while eating). Love them!

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