Day 206–Empty Pots

This pile of empty, used clay flower pots seemed like an interesting subject for my blog today. And since the weather continues to be normal and it is actually pleasant to be outside, I spent a few minutes trying out different exposures with my new 24-70mm lens. This is the last shot I took today. I was in indirect light in the shade of the house. I set the camera on the tripod and focused about a foot away from the pots, zoomed in to 70mm and kept adjusting the aperture to see how the depth of field changed. At close range, it seems to retain its shallow depth of field, even at higher apertures. This is f/9. Then, I experimented with some of my new Lightroom presets. Since this photo is monochromatic to begin with, I thought that black and white would be interesting. This is “newsprint” and I think I like it better than the original color version. The minute details on the pots seem to pop in black and white and the background pots fade into the background so they’re not distracting.

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100
WB Fine Weather

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