Day 204—Glass Shadows

I was out in my yard early this morning trying to beat the heat and hoping to find something interesting to photograph. Then, I noticed the light magnifying through these glass marbles and creating interesting shadows on my funky purple table. This week’s theme in my Flickr Recording Images group is “hard light/strong shadows.” I know the light wasn’t hard enough to cause the table to burst into flames from the magnified light (actually the sun moved quickly and the marbles were in complete shade a few minutes after I shot this) and the shadows are not particularly strong, but I really like this shot. I used my new lens wide open so the depth of field is extremely shallow.

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100
WB Auto

One thought on “Day 204—Glass Shadows

  1. Fantastic image! I love the starburst-y shadows and the bokeh! Nice composition too- it looks like they are rolling. Really beautiful!

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