Day 152—Ah, Hmmmmmmm!

I was outside on the patio in the late afternoon heat trying to find an interesting shot of the lone immature kumquat I found on my newly purchased kumquat tree., which I thought would be perfect for the daily challenge, “peek-a-boo.” As I moved around the plant trying different focal lengths and angles, I heard a hummingbird scolding me for being outside. I abandoned the kumquat, and followed the sound. As I focused on the hummer darting nearby then landing in the shrubs, I managed to get two shots of it as it tried to approach the fountain but was too timid because I was apparently encroaching. One of the shots is in perfect focus. I didn’t have a chance to increase the shutter speed or make other adjustments to the exposure so this was a very lucky shot. I cropped it for effect but I made no changes to the exposure (manual mode and, ahem, an ISO setting of 320, Melinda, outside!).

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 320

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