Day 131–Empty Bottles

Today, I tried out my 85mm lens on the D800. And, I put to good use the grid I complained about yesterday. In today’s shot, I used the grid to make sure my alignment was straight and not inadvertently askew as often is the case. Also, using Aperture Priority, I deliberately metered on a lighter area of the shot to get a faster shutter speed so that the bottle is darker and outlined in the patch of light. I like the effect. Today’s challenge theme is “bottle(s)” and since I haven’t been taking any photos for the daily challenge recently, I thought I’d start to catch up.

Focal Length 85mm
Aperture Priority
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 131–Empty Bottles

  1. Stunning! Frame-worthy! I really love this photo- the clarity, the DOF, the comp! Perfectly photographed!

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