Day 129—Strawberries And Lenses

On the way to Benicia today to visit my friend and fellow photoblogger, Melinda, I stopped at Granny May’s strawberry stand near my house and bought some luscious strawberries, picked an hour before, to bring with me. Of course I took photos, although Granny May asked that I not take her picture, so I just got a photo of the strawberries. The primary reason for my visit today was not to present Melinda with strawberries but to show off my new Nikon D800, let her play with it, and to let her try out my Nikon 50mm 1.4G lens. As I write, the 50mm lens is still attached to Melinda’s camera and I hope I will be able to wrest it away before I go home. Melinda took a photo of me with my new Nikon D800 and used my 50mm lens. I have now posted that photo on my About page. My two photos today are the strawberries and a closeup of Melinda, who seems to be deciding whether to remove the 50mm lens from her camera or accept it as an early birthday gift.

Focal Length 300mm
Aperture Priority
ISO 320

Focal Length 92mm
Manual Mode
ISO 1000
Cropped and enhanced

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