Day 126—The Creeps

Blue Star Creeps to be exact. I guess that’s really blue star creeper, not creeps, but I needed a catchy title since my photo isn’t too exciting today. In contrast to yesterday’s 144 shots, today I took just 5. And those I took about ten minutes ago, after walking outside, looking around, and noticing that my blue star creeper is starting to bloom. I crouched down low and took three shots. Then I lay down onto the still damp lawn, held the camera at ground level, and took two. I like the shallow depth of field on this one.

Focal Length 300mm
Aperture Priority
ISO 640

One thought on “Day 126—The Creeps

  1. Beautiful photo- love the shallow DOF and composition! Really lovely! I have never heard of Blue Star Creeper- ground cover???

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