Day 89—In Search Of Ovals—A Day For Pot Pourri

Today’s challenge topic is “oval.” While I waited for my car to be serviced at Walt’s this morning, I took a walk down Auburn Blvd. in search of anything oval and while I encountered some interesting things, I saw very few actual ovals. I’m experimenting with different points of view because I’ve been watching some Scott Kelby Training videos and have learned some new approaches to composition. Also, I’m trying out my newest lens, a 28-300mm FX lens that I bought for my new Nikon D800, which I have yet to possess, despite its release one week ago. I am number 6 on the list at Action Camera, only two Nikon D800’s have come in so far, and so I wait. But I’m loving my new lens; good glass as they say in photog lingo! Here are a few of my favorite shots from today.

This is one of the first shots I took. It caught my eye because while the hub cap isn’t oval in fact, it appears oval when viewed from at an angle. I’m reflected in the center of the hub.

Focal Length 28mm
ISO 200

A little further down the street I saw this “day care” center and I couldn’t resist capturing the sign. One can only imagine what sounds the husband/karaoke singers might emit.

Focal Length 190mm
ISO 200

As I passed the Sylvan Community Cemetery, I almost died (pun intended) when I turned and saw the red warning sign.

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 200
WB changed to Cloudy

I just liked the look of this twig looming from the darkness, although it was merely the angle of the camera and the background trees that resulted in the darkness. The sun was not out but the high overcast reflected off the top of the twig.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200
Cropped, Levels

The dandelions on a school field caught my eye because I occasionally post photos to my “Taraxacum official” Flickr Group (which group has 3700 members) so I knelt down to get a good closeup and a honeybee was flitting from flower to flower. The bee was settled onto the flowers in all but this shot and I was amazed that it’s in focus.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200

And finally, a closeup shot of a chain link fence that has a sort of oval-ish appearance when viewed at this angle.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 89—In Search Of Ovals—A Day For Pot Pourri

  1. Wonderful potpourri of photos! I think the chain link is my favorite- I love the depth of field and the green background. The hubcaps make a great shot- and I love that you are reflected in the middle. And the rest are great photos as well- the HONEYBEE in midflight- awesome-, the wrong way cemetery!, babysitting for husbands!!! Oh and the twig with the soft focus in background- this was a real photo day for you! Too bad about your camera, but I can’t pity you too much, because it IS coming! And you are number 4 on the list now (and maybe higher, because someone may have decided not to get it and went for the new Canon Mark III or IV or whatever it is!

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