Day 67, Cont. — Another Blue Moon

Tonight is the full moon so I went out to take some photos. Here is the result. Two shots, same ISO (400), same focal length (300mm) but different apertures very different shutter speeds and oh, such different results! I cropped both (to different sizes so that’s not a fair comparison) but the reflection in the lens on the second shot is fascinating to me. The apertures were similar (f/16 on the first and f/18 on the second, but shutter speeds very different, 1/400 on the first and 5 seconds on the second.

Day 67—Take Me Home, Country Roads

Today, for my photo of the day, I was thinking I’d go in search of fences or horses and or maybe the golden eagle I saw a few days ago, but instead, because it’s been so windy the past few days, and the Sierras were clearly visible, I decided to go for a shot of the Sierras. I have been in search of Sierra views for a while now and occasionally get a glimpse but today, I had a virtually unobstructed view, and close to home at that. But, despite their welcome emergence from the haze that normally obscures them, they were tauntingly elusive to my lens. I’d see a spectacular view with no place to pull over; a place to pull over, but no view. When I finally found a place to pull over, the wind was so strong that I was almost blown over a few times. I should have used my tripod but I was afraid to set it up in the wind. My exposure settings were screwy but the meter registered a good exposure; but when I got home, my “beautiful” Sierra views weren’t as perfect as I thought they’d be. I had to adjust Levels to get rid of the haze and dullness. Then I decided to do an HDR version which I liked the best. My lens was covered with pollen or something from the wind which I had to remove and I had to excise one of my hairs which had blown around the side of the lens and was showing as a gray line in the sky. But, I got the Sierras, some fences, and although I did’t get a horse, I got a cow—but no eagle.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100
Lots of adjustments