Day 66—Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?

As is probably apparent, today’s daily challenge theme is “Buttons.” I had planned to do something clever like photograph an elevator UP button but there aren’t too many elevators around here and I couldn’t see myself barging into the Employment Development Department building downtown where I used to work so I abandoned that idea. Because I used to sew most of my clothes for much of my adult life, until I no longer needed a “working wardrobe,” I have, over time, accumulated a huge supply of buttons. They now sit unused and unloved, if one could love a button. As I sifted through the button box, I remembered many of the clothes the buttons adorned and I chose some buttons made of shell that my mother attached to a dress she made for me in college. I thought of including a photograph of me wearing the dress with these buttons, but it was a photograph of me and my friend, fellow photoblogger, and former college roommate, Melinda, and while we’re both smiling in the photo, it is also apparent that we were, let me be frank here, falling down drunk. So I thought better of it and used, instead, a swatch of raw silk that I thought made a nice background. After I positioned the shell buttons and the silk fabric, it occurred to me that perhaps this is not a “politically correct” match up. I hope none of my blog followers is either a vegan or a member of PETA.

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