Day 90—Incredible Hulk

“Stereotype” is the subject of today’s Flickr challenge. And, once again, my gym provided the inspiration. The Roseville Sports Center caters to normal people with average bodies and I have never seen anyone there who remotely resembles a stereotypical gym rat. So, this morning, after my session with my trainer, when I noticed this muscle-head magazine, I decided my shot was the magazine. The cover features a guy who reminds me of Lou Ferrigno, TV’s original Incredible Hulk, except that he’s not green. This is as close to a stereotype that I’m likely to find anywhere near my gym. And, I imagine that 75 pounds would be a wimpy weight for the guy depicted on the magazine’s cover but that’s the top weight available in my gym.

Focal Length 38mm
ISO 400

One thought on “Day 90—Incredible Hulk

  1. You are just way too organized this morning!!! Nice photo- and good interpretation of the challenge!

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