Day 88—What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?

Today’s challenge? What’s in my medicine cabinet? I think of a medicine cabinet as a very personal, off limits, part of one’s life. This challenge topic brings to mind a Dear Abby column from years and years ago about a snoopy dinner guest who was finally cured of snooping in the host’s medicine cabinet by some strategically placed marbles that cascaded and bounced everywhere when the offending guest opened the host’s medicine cabinet for the last time. I took this photo of my guest bathroom’s medicine cabinet and I chose the point of view with the door just slightly ajar to reveal only a small part of what’s in the medicine cabinet. But, I will reveal that, as a lifelong migraine sufferer, I am never far from a bottle of pain relief medication.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 200
Levels and vignette

One thought on “Day 88—What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?

  1. Wonderful composition! Love the soft tones and focus of the door- contrasting with the sharp and jarringly crisp colors and focus on the “pain reliever”- well done!

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