Day 87—Just Can’t Wait To Get

Today’s theme is “On the Road” and as one member of the ODC Flickr group commented, “AAhhhhh….its given me an earworm….all I can think of is Willie Nelson!!” and that “earworm” has infected me as well. I took a detour home from the gym, singing Willie Nelson all the way, and revisited a place I photographed on Day 67 when John Denver was my “ear worm.” It was just starting to rain and I had trouble with achieving correct exposure and I didn’t hold my camera level, so all of today’s photos today have levels adjustments and are straightened and cropped. Plus, I added an HDR effect to the first two and opted for the black and white HDR version as the most interesting.

On The Road Again:

Day 67 Revisited:

Roadside View:

One thought on “Day 87—Just Can’t Wait To Get

  1. All three photos are wonderful! Your HDR work is very subtle- just bringing in all the tones for a great exposure. I am especially drawn to the first photo- I just love the road, the barb wire, the point of view- really everything. The perspectve just draws you in- and all the details are perfect- the line of trees, the wildflowers along the road, the dips in the road. Really love it. The other photos are great too! I’ve also had the earworm attack (Willie Nelson is one of my favorites- I kind of have a thing for him. . .)- I tried to get rid of it by singing “Why Don’t we do it in the road?”- to my regret. . .
    Just got home and have no idea what to photograph and it is drizzly out. . .

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