Day 67, Cont. — Another Blue Moon

Tonight is the full moon so I went out to take some photos. Here is the result. Two shots, same ISO (400), same focal length (300mm) but different apertures very different shutter speeds and oh, such different results! I cropped both (to different sizes so that’s not a fair comparison) but the reflection in the lens on the second shot is fascinating to me. The apertures were similar (f/16 on the first and f/18 on the second, but shutter speeds very different, 1/400 on the first and 5 seconds on the second.

One thought on “Day 67, Cont. — Another Blue Moon

  1. I don’t even understand what is happening here! Is the blue moon the reflection? Very strange! I have read that I faster shutter speed for the moon is desirable, because it is moving.

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