Day 68—How Now Brown . . .

. . . horses? I started out in search of brown cows and found a small herd a few blocks away. I parked across the road and walked over. All the cows were near the fence. Perfect, I thought, for a close up of a brown cow. I didn’t have the 70-300 zoom attached so I thought I’d give my 18-200 zoom a little assist and I hopped down a grassy culvert closer to the fence. And all the cows turned and walked away. So much for my brown cows. So I went in search for some more.

I didn’t find any more brown cows but I did find this pair of brown horses in Lincoln on a road near where I work with the hawks. They were very curious about me as their fixed gazes show, and they posed for me for quite a while. I was not particularly happy with the results, though.

With regard to my exposure, I think I’m regressing. Or maybe I can blame it on auto ISO. The auto ISO lets me think that my exposure is more acceptable than it turns out to be and I’ve had auto ISO set for the past couple of days and have been less than thrilled with the results. In addition, I switched my metering from spot metering to matrix metering. I have been so used to spot metering that although the results are not always perfect, they seem to be better than with matrix metering for me, especially with the bright sun and high contrast. If I’d metered only on the horse on the right, I think the overall exposure would have been improved. I fiddled with post processing changes in Apeture but found that I couldn’t successfully remove the deep shadows. Instead of fiddling more, I decided to keep the original photo as it was, straight from the camera.

With regard to the numbering of my blog, for anyone who read it the past couple of days and wondered about my skipping a number, or why today is day 68 when my two posts yesterday were originally marked Day 68, it’s because I can’t figure out the Julian calendar in my head, past January 31. So, for 99¢, I now own a Julian calendar iPhone app for reference. I can only hope I will actually use it for reference on those days when I can’t figure out what day it is or can’t be bothered to look at the previous day’s post which presumably has the correct number assigned.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 220

One thought on “Day 68—How Now Brown . . .

  1. Ohhh sweet photo! I love the composition- and totally sympathize with the matrix metering and AUTO ISO thing. In this kind of lighting, it is difficult to get the correct exposure anyway. I’m not a fan of matrix metering except, at the moment, for flash. Maybe exposure bracketing would be a good solution (I NEVER think to do it except for HDR- and it is so easy to set up on my camera).

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