Day 67—Take Me Home, Country Roads

Today, for my photo of the day, I was thinking I’d go in search of fences or horses and or maybe the golden eagle I saw a few days ago, but instead, because it’s been so windy the past few days, and the Sierras were clearly visible, I decided to go for a shot of the Sierras. I have been in search of Sierra views for a while now and occasionally get a glimpse but today, I had a virtually unobstructed view, and close to home at that. But, despite their welcome emergence from the haze that normally obscures them, they were tauntingly elusive to my lens. I’d see a spectacular view with no place to pull over; a place to pull over, but no view. When I finally found a place to pull over, the wind was so strong that I was almost blown over a few times. I should have used my tripod but I was afraid to set it up in the wind. My exposure settings were screwy but the meter registered a good exposure; but when I got home, my “beautiful” Sierra views weren’t as perfect as I thought they’d be. I had to adjust Levels to get rid of the haze and dullness. Then I decided to do an HDR version which I liked the best. My lens was covered with pollen or something from the wind which I had to remove and I had to excise one of my hairs which had blown around the side of the lens and was showing as a gray line in the sky. But, I got the Sierras, some fences, and although I did’t get a horse, I got a cow—but no eagle.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100
Lots of adjustments

2 thoughts on “Day 67—Take Me Home, Country Roads

  1. This is FABULOUS! I love the colors, composition, and detail in this photo- even though it is done with a crop sensor camera, LOL! Very nice editing! 🙂

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