Once again, the location of my gym has provided me with my photo of the day. As I was getting into my car after my workout this morning, I noticed that the rosemary was blooming in the parking strip so I walked down to the lushest clump and took a couple of shots. Then I noticed the honeybees. I set my camera to a fast shutter speed (1/500) and I captured a few in focus shots of the bees. I was disappointed to see, however, that I didn’t stop motion in the wings. They seem to have completely disappeared; there is just the barest hint of a wing showing in the photo.

Despite my disappointment of the disappearing wings, I was lucky that today’s daily challenge is “sound” and I guess a photo of a buzzing bee is about as close as I can get to representing sound in a photo. I applied levels to brighten the photo because even though the lens was wide open, the fast shutter speed darkened the exposure a little. I also cropped it slightly because there was an awful lot of unintended negative space in the photo as I chased the bee with my lens.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100


  1. Beautiful bee photo! I like the negative space making a beautiful soft background- and the bee in crisp focus. Wonderful job chasing that bee down! Look how you can see his eyes! Nice work!

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