Day 57—Red Thread

A spool of thread is a rather mundane item but it meets today’s daily challenge topic, “Red.” I thought of lots of red things to photograph, none of which I had at hand, so feeling uninspired to venture out again today, I settled on what I had. There are three interesting things about this spool: 1) it is wooden, and thread is no longer sold on wooden spools; 2) it is mercerized cotton and I don’t think mercerized cotton is readily available any longer; and 3) it cost me 15¢! I took a couple of photos of the thread on a white background which was uninteresting so I put it on a black background, which was more interesting but it made the thread look disembodied, if a headless, bodiless thing CAN appear disembodied. So I set it on a piece of glass so the reflection would help anchor the spool and used my OTT lights to provide the lighting.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
WB Sunny