Day 56—Yes, But Is It Art?

I’ve posted some goofy things on this blog but I have to say, this one takes the prize for the goofiest. Today’s challenge topic is “art,” a followup to yesterday’s “deliberate blur abstract” challenge. When she read the topic, my friend and fellow photo-blogger, Melinda, e-mailed me that I might have to drive to Redding for today’s challenge because Art, my brother, lives there. At first I laughed but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a brilliant idea to feature “Art” in my “art” photo today. I printed out a photo I took of him, cut out his head and stuck it inside the eggshell. I don’t think anyone would mistake this photo for “art” but I can most assuredly say, “Yes, it IS Art!”

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 100
1 second