Day 36—Half Dozen

Today’s daily challenge is “six.” I found that photographing six things in an interesting way is quite difficult. At first I thought I might combine this week’s Recording Images assignment, “negative space,” with six things but I was unsuccessful. I photographed six blueberries strewn on the cutting board, six miniature bell peppers lined up and then, randomly placed, six seeds from one of Bobo’s peppers, six small cedar balls on velvet, a half dozen eggs in a bowl and on the cutting board. After an hour of fiddling and finding absolutely no inspiration in any of my photos, I returned the eggs to their carton and decided that might be the best because it was not contrived at all, just six brown eggs nestled in their cardboard carton. Why didn’t that occur to me an hour ago?

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
1.3 seconds