Day 49—De-lusciously Full-Framed

My day was crazy and, due to circumstances beyond my control, I spent much of the afternoon driving around with a sharp-shinned hawk which I had rescued, and which hawk’s fate remains unknown as of this writing. As a result, I had nothing to eat for lunch and by the time I got the hawk safely to the rescue center and on the way home, I realized I was starving. By now, though, it was after 4:30, almost time for dinner. They say you should never go grocery shopping hungry, a definite truism. Today, I didn’t make it past the ice cream freezer, something my willpower usually allows. As I gazed at the enticing display, I remembered that I hadn’t yet taken a photo today. While my hawk rescues would seem to be the perfect photo op, I would never chance letting a injured bird escape to further injury just to satisfy my photographic urges. As luck would have it, though, yesterday’s challenge, which I didn’t fulfill, was “luscious” and today’s is “fill the frame.” I think my bowl of ice cream meets both challenges. The topping is fig balsamic vinegar. As you can see by the puddle of melted ice cream at the bottom of the dish, it isn’t easy to photograph ice cream. One must act quickly. I can see why food stylists often use mashed potatoes instead of ice cream.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100