Day 50—At Cross Purposes

Today’s challenge is “your own hand.” That can be interpreted many ways, I’m certain, but I decided to take the literal approach and photograph my hand, doing something I enjoy doing every morning, the New York Times crossword puzzle. While I was taking the photos, Bobo came down onto the table for her daily breakfast time activity of targeting and treats. Whoa! Documenting Bobo extracting a treat from my fingers would be perfect for the challenge.

I held the remote in the hand that held the target, had her touch the target, then offered her the treat with my other hand, freeing the one hand to trigger the remote. Perfect! Not! I realized too late that the camera was not focused high enough. Once I readjusted the camera, Bobo became wary of it and I couldn’t get another shot. My cross purposes (luring Bobo to take a treat only so I could take a photo) backfired on me but I’m posting it today mostly to show that Bobo actually does take treats from my fingers without maiming me. . . sometimes.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100

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