Day 47—Clyde and Francis

I don’t know horses but I think this enormous horse might be a Clydesdale. He has furry hooves which I think Clydesdales have and he dwarfed his smaller buddy, Francis, who I think is a mule. Although Francis was mute during the photo shoot, I half expected to see Donald O’Connor leading the Budweiser Wagon out of the barn. Today’s challenge topic is “leaning” and as both Clyde and Francis are leaning down to eat, I think this meets the challenge.

Focal Length 80mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 47—Clyde and Francis

  1. Oh sooo cute! I love Clydesdales with their furry feet! I don’t know if there are any other horse breeds like that- but I know they are HUGE! The other one does look like a mule. Very nice shot- both conveniently leaning!

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