Day 40—Warts And All

“Selfies”—United Kingdom slang for self portraits— are next to impossible for me. In May of last year, we had an assignment to try self portraits which I dutifully tried and mostly failed except for one freakish photo out of many in which my eyes were in perfect focus:“The Eyes Have It”. Today’s daily challenge assignment is a “self portrait” or as close to a self portrait as we’re comfortable posting. My self portraits have not improved since last year and this time none of the photos I took had much in focus. It is next to impossible to focus on and pose yourself when you’re not there to focus on or pose, so substitutes are necessary and mine (a tote bag with flowers on it) today was not quite up to the challenge. I guess I need to acquire a mannequin head for such things or at least a balloon with a happy face drawn on it, but for today, this portrait will have to do.

For a brief time, the late afternoon light was perfect except the window mullions created shadows that in this photo make it appear that I have a goiter. And clouds kept drifting by so the brightness of the light changed every few seconds. I had to adjust the brightness in this one using levels and I cropped it slightly. Other than those two modifications, here I am, warts and all!

2 thoughts on “Day 40—Warts And All

  1. I really really really REALLY like this shot! It is so original with the shadows across your face. That and you look twenty! Fabulous! I didn’t know that was the topic today- I should post one of my head shots from today and say it’s a selfie!

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