2021—Reminiscing About Kaua’i

The other evening, I had dinner with friends who are planning a visit to Kaua’i and I began to reminisce about my trip there in 2018. For me the highlight of the trip was our visit to the Kawai’ele Waterbird Sanctuary. One evening there, as the sun was beginning to set, a flock of about six Nēnē, the Hawaiian Goose, an endangered bird as well as Hawaii’s State bird, flew in and landed a few yards away from us to feed on the sticky flatsedge and the white-flowered salt heliotrope. The light was perfect, the setting was perfect, the background was perfect. The photographs I took that evening with my Nikkor 600mm f/4 lens are among my all time favorite bird photographs. I think about that experience and I am reminded how lucky I have been in the past few years to indulge in my passion for photography, travel the world, and learn from such an incredible photographer, my friend Moose Peterson. And the best part? He gets me to the right place, at the right time, for fabulous photographic opportunities.

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