2021—Foggy Morning Blade of Grass

The ponds at the Lincoln City Water Treatment Plant were Plan C in our search for birds on the Oregon Coast. We did find a couple of species of ducks there but for most of the morning, the ducks were barely visible through the dense fog and the pair of Belted Kingfishers were vocal but unseen. As I peered around, looking for birds, Moose reminded me that there are other things to photograph besides birds. Knowing that I love to photograph little things that strike my fancy, Moose pointed out that some of the grass blades at the edge of the pond had formed drops from the fog. My Nikkor 500mm PF lens with the 1.4X Teleconverter and high speed crop gave me 1050mm so I was able to focus in on the droplets that had formed on the single blade of grass at the edge of the pond. The foggy mist gave the scene an ethereal look.