2021—A Pair of Mittens

The last sunrise I got to watch from my balcony a week ago in Monument Valley was brilliant, mostly cloudless, and once again, gorgeous. The sun had moved so far in the few days that it never came close to touching the tip of the thumb as it did on my first morning but still it glowed brightly behind East Mitten Butte. That pair of mittens was my favorite subject during my visit to Monument Valley. I wanted to frame both mittens in my last shot to indicate sort of a double wave or a “hug” good-bye. I never tired of the view from my balcony and it was so nice to be able to photograph the same scene at morning, noon, and night and see how different it looked each time. It was eye-opening to see how the position of the sun changed ever so slightly and ever so quickly over those few days. Each sunrise was different. Each sunrise was memorable. Each sunrise was stunning.