2021—Spectacular Skies

A couple of years ago I visited the Great Basin area in Nevada to photograph Bighorn Sheep. I was expecting to see Bighorn Sheep. I wasn’t expecting to see spectacular skies like the Sierra Wave we saw one evening when we visited Walker Lake. The Sierra Wave occurs when westerly winds flow over the Sierra Nevada Range in California and winds had picked up that evening. We were on the lee side of the mountains and the Sierra Wave is known as a lee wave and is considered one of the most spectacular of this phenomenon. We watched for a couple of hours as the cloud formations filled the skies and constantly changed at the whim of the winds. When I took the photograph I published two years ago (click on link above) the sun was setting and the clouds were a deep rose color. When I took this photograph, at least an hour before that shot, the sun had not set and the clouds were mostly white so I took this shot as a black and white image. What was so incredible is that an hour before this, there were no clouds in the sky.