2021—New Visitor

Saturday evening, I’m hearing Mary Travis singing in the back of my head, “My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” so I sat down with a glass of my favorite red (kudos to Snoop Dogg and 19 Crimes). When I looked out the window I saw a Black Phoebe perched on top of the shepherd’s hook that holds one the the hummingbird feeders. It’s not exactly a new visitor but always before its visits have been fleeting and I have never had time to pick up a camera while one was in my yard. I opened the patio door slowly watching the bird the entire time. It didn’t seem to notice. I decided to go for it and went into the other room, unzipped my camera bag and extracted my Nikon Z6II with the Nikkor 500mm PF already attached. When I returned to the open doorway, the Black Phoebe was looking around and when I pointed the camera at it, it didn’t flinch. I got a dozen or so nice shots, the first time I have photographed a Black Phoebe. I think it’s a good way to start a trip. I’m leaving on a jet plane (couldn’t let Peter, Paul, and Mary go) this morning to fly to the Oregon Coast to photograph shore birds, one of my favorite kinds of photography.