2021—I Just Had to Do It!

A little known fact that I’ve learned from Moose Peterson about successful wildlife photography is the absolute necessity to consume ice cream to ensure birds and critters will present themselves to be photographed. In the many years I’ve joined Moose on wildlife photography adventures, this fact has become abundantly clear to me. In those instances when we didn’t eat ice cream, the critters didn’t make an appearance. When we ate ice cream, the birds and critters beat a path to our cameras. I’m embarking on another wildlife adventure with Moose, this time on the Oregon Coast to photograph shore birds. The line was literally out the door when we stopped at the Stone Cold Creamery Sunday night. Plan B was a quick stop at Safeway where my favorite frozen treat, Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, was on sale. My plan was to eat just half but the refrigerator in the room at the hotel has no freezer so I was forced to eat it all.

3 thoughts on “2021—I Just Had to Do It!

  1. So sorry you were forced to eat the entire container. I’m sure you’ll heal. Be careful about doing it too often so that you don’t wander into the arena of Aversion Therapy & lose your desire for the product.

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