2021—State Bird

In 1927, state legislatures began to designate state birds following a campaign to do so by a large confederation of women’s organizations. Texas and Florida were among the first several states to do so that year, each designating the Northern Mockingbird as its state bird. To date, I have photographed birds that have been chosen by 44 states (many states share a bird) but I have photographed only three of those birds within their respective states: the Nene in Hawaii, the Cactus Wren in Arizona, and the Northern Mockingbird in Texas. I’ve photographed many birds in Florida, but never a Northern Mockingbird there. Five states have designated the Northern Mockingbird as their state bird. Here is a link to a list of all state birds. I think it’s fascinating that the Northern Mockingbird was chosen by so many states (the Northern Cardinal is the choice of 7 states and the Western Meadowlark of 6) when I have seen and photographed so many other types of birds, especially in Texas and Florida, that are unique to those places. Ironically, I have yet to photograph a California Quail, in California or anywhere.