2021—My First Kodiak Brown Bear

This is the first Kodiak Brown Bear I laid eyes on just after we arrived at Rohrer Bear Camp on Kodiak Island Monday before last. The sun was behind it so it is back lit and in shadow but after seeing this bear’s face, I knew I was going to love this adventure. We flew from Kodiak in a de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver late Monday morning, landed in the water and taxied to the beach. We stepped off the pontoons into the water so I was very glad they suggested we wear our hip boots on the plane. Shortly after we arrived, Sam, our host at the camp, arranged for Aaron and Chris, our guides for the week, to take us up the Uganik river in flat bottom boats. We motor boated through the shallow waterways admiring the pristine landscape surrounding us. As we rounded a bend in the river, we spotted this bear on the opposite shore, grazing on the nutritious, high protein polar grass native to the area. We disembarked, took out our cameras. and started shooting. What an unforgettable week from the first moments to the last. I realized after spending hours observing these bears each day that if you act appropriately, don’t take the bears for granted, appreciate their capabilities, and keep you eye on them at all times, they should not be feared. The bears we photographed seemed to have distinct personalities and were a joy to watch. I can’t wait to return to this unique and wonderful place.