2021—That Face

The Kodiak Brown Bears I photographed two weeks ago have stolen my heart. Wouldn’t that face steal yours? Our experience with these enormous bears was such a positive one that I can’t help but smile when I think about our daily encounters with them. I have said in previous posts that I never felt concern, fear, or anxiety because our guides, including Moose, were so expert in understanding and recognizing their behavior that we were never in a position of danger. I stumbled a few times, literally and figuratively as I was concerned about my footing walking on wobbly rocks with tripod, camera, and long lens slung over my shoulder so far too often, I looked at my feet instead of keeping my eyes constantly on the bears as we were instructed to do. Toward the end of the week I felt more confidence walking on the rocks and I was able to keep my eyes on the bears and not on my feet. It was such a joy to look up and see that face staring back at me.