2021—Where Eagles Dare

When I came home from my recent trip to Alaska, the 1969 film “Where Eagles Dare” was on the Turner Classic Movies channel. I tried to watch. It was the second time I have tried to watch that movie all the way through but both times (the first was about 40 years ago on HBO) it failed to capture my interest. I am a fan of both Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood (and a belated happy birthday wish to Clint Eastwood on his 91st, May 31) but somehow the movie just didn’t resonate with me. Maybe trying a third time will be a charm. That remains to be seen. The movie’s title did make me think of the Bald Eagles I photographed while I was in Alaska, though. Watching them swoop and soar and dive did capture my interest. They are magnificent birds and if any creatures would dare, it would be eagles. It was fun to watch them from a boat on Kachemak Bay and they were close enough that I was able to use my Nikon Z6II with the Nikkor Z 70-200mm lens full frame at 200mm.