2021—Springtime in Custer Means Calves

It is springtime in Custer State Park in South Dakota and there are lots of Bison calves. On our first morning in the park we drove until we found the Bison herd with dozens of young Bison, some so new their umbilical cords were still attached. They were incredibly curious about us. And they are so frisky and adorable. Moose and Richard shot from the vehicle but I was in the front passenger seat and the Bison were to my left on the other side of the vehicle so I got out and shot over the hood. After a while, several of the calves crossed the road with their mothers, some less than 10 feet away. This one stopped in the middle of the road and stared at me for the longest time. Its twin, or buddy, is behind it. A few of the calves and the mothers stopped and watched me too, but because I stayed next to the car, I wasn’t concerned and none of them moved closer. But, when a very large bull approached the other side of the car quickly, Moose shouted for me to get back in the car and I did. First morning’s shooting was over!