2019—Four Dudes and a Lady

“Four dudes and a lady!” exclaimed our enthusiastic waitress at the Flaming Gorge Lodge Restaurant.  “I’ve been waiting for you all day.”  We’d made dinner reservations there that morning after realizing it was the only place to get food of any kind in the Flaming Gorge area this time of year.  We were fortunate that the food was excellent and our waitress that evening (and on a couple of subsequent evenings) was charming and ebullient.  This photograph shows the “four dudes and a lady” but you have to search for one of the dudes and the lady.  A hint:  check out the rear view mirror.  We were in the Chevy Suburban intently searching for Bighorn Sheep in Flaming Gorge when I took this shot with the 8-15mm Fisheye lens.

MLP Flaming Gorge Spot Assignment #3 - 1

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