2019—Out in the Open

Killdeer nest on the ground in the open on dry barren fields, on farmland, on arctic tundra, and, according to The Sibley Guide to Birds, even on ball fields  The front page of the Saturday edition of The Sacramento Bee  announced that a Killdeer had built its nest on the newly installed artificial turf of Rio Americano High School’s football field, thus forcing the closure of the track and field until the eggs hatch.  I was reminded of the nesting Killdeer I photographed two years ago in Churchill, Canada on the arctic tundra.  The bird was skittish and kept getting off its eggs and moving around watching us the entire time.  It was so obviously concerned with our presence that we quickly abandoned the area to keep from further disturbing the nervous Killdeer.

Churchill Day 6 157546-1.jpg