2018—Stormy Weather

At last, Northern California is getting rain.  The storm in the past two days has elevated our year-to-date rain levels to 88% of normal.   Sacramento recorded 3.5 inches from Monday through Tuesday at 5 PM.  This is a substantial boost but it is still far from where we need to be and just  a fraction of what he had last year at this time when everyone was quick to declare the drought over.  I believe the declaration last year that the drought was over was short-sighted and until a couple of days ago, it appeared we had no hope of getting normal precipitation.  But, things are looking up and we’re embracing the stormy weather here.  The storms reminded me of my trip to the Oregon coast in early November.  We had some stormy weather there for a couple of days and had to be persistent in order to keep our lenses free of rain drops.  Actually, I took this photograph in California on our first day of the trip, about 3 miles south of the Oregon border, just off Highway 101.

LA-CA-OR Coast-001.jpg

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  1. Carol, I love the drama and impact that is generated by B&W as opposed to color either in the camera or when you processed this image. Nice job. We are looking forward to getting together with you soon for some one-on-one learning.

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