2017—Stormy Day At Bandon Beach

The rain and cloudy skies that defined our days in Oregon earlier this month suggested black and white photographs.   Indeed, the rain, clouds, and fog made it almost unnecessary to convert our color photographs  because what we were seeing through the viewfinder was, in fact, black and white.  There was almost no color in the skies or the sand or the rocks.  This image, however, had to be converted to black and white in order for the dark, stormy feeling to emerge.  In the original RAW image, the clouds had parted briefly and there was just a bit too much blue sky so the image looked a little too cheerful for the emotion I wanted to convey.

I edited this with MacPhun’s Tonality which, I understand, is being retired and will be incorporated into Luminar 2018.   I used my Nikon D5 and 14-24mm lens at 14mm for this shot.  I’ve learned that if the clouds are going to be the focus of the image, a super wide angle lens is the better choice.

Bandon Beach Storm Clouds.jpg

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